DEC Professional 380

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Date: Tue Jul 27 07:56:33 1999

> Yes! I finally scored a Pro380, well, actually it's a "VAX Console", but
> hey, same thing right?

Same as a pro350 only uses a J11 cpu, faster and can carry more ram.

> Question, does it use the same monitor as the DECmate and Rainbow's? I
> know there was a colour and a mono version of the monitor, is do they both

Yep! Don't know if it has the color option but the VR201 will work with
the correct cable. You also need a lk201/301/401 keyboard.

> I know it's got a RD52 in it, and I suspect it's a working system as it is

A quantum 30mb drive that is very solid.

> off a system that is currently being deinstalled (which is why I don't have
> the monitor yet).

The console software if that wat it was running is rather odd stuff. It
runs RT11 and possible a hacked Venix(or is it Xenix) and POS. The Venix
is available at the FTP site and runs ok if your into unix like OS
of the V7 flavor.

> Yes, it's safe to assume I'm fairly clueless about Pro's.

They are compact PDP11s and while different form and bus they are pretty
slick. their primary differences are the console (integrated and graphic
capable) and serial IO are non-standard for PDP-11s.

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