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Date: Mon Jul 26 22:50:26 1999

On Sat, 24 Jul 1999 19:20:56 +0100 (BST) Tony Duell
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> Other keywords to look for would be 'chording keyboard' or 'Microwriter'.

[ ... ]

> I got a Microwriter Agenda (a later model) at a radio rally, and have
> played with a it a bit.

An AgendA isn't really a later version of a Microwriter. The Microwriter
is just an input device, to be attached to any normal computer/WP. It's
about the size of a paperback book. An AgendA is a personal organiser
(akin to a Psion) which happens to have a Microwriter-style set of buttons
as well as conventional keys. Well, if you call an "A B C D ..." layout
"conventional". It's actually smaller than a Microwriter keypad, about 2/3
the size, and is landscape-layout rather than portrait.

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