My TU10 is hurting.

From: Jacob Ritorto <>
Date: Tue Jul 27 02:52:01 1999

It used to be so nice.

But the dehumidifier hose got clogged while I was gone.
The room filled with mildew.

I came home and rushed to save my stuff, mostly successfully. The TU10
was affected, though. I don't know for sure if the dampness was the
cause, but I'm guessing it was. Here are the symptoms:

under rt11 5.00, it won't init a tape. used to do this w/ no problem. rt
returns "output error on mt0:" The tape spins and tries to init, but
after going back and forth a number of times, it gives up. So the
mechanism and control logic seems fine. I've tried different tapes and
cleaned and degaussed the head. No change. Jiggled all the cards in the
controller and device section to 'assure' a good connection. Nothing. I
even tried using an old copy of ROLLIN, just to see if it'd do a backup,
but it moved the reels and instantly gave a FATAL DEVICE ERROR on MT0.

        Unfortunately, my xxdp pack is thrashed (moldy), so until I can
replace it, I'm stuck with trial and error here... help if you can,
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