My TU10 is hurting.

From: Jacob Ritorto <>
Date: Tue Jul 27 04:46:46 1999

Ugh, now the position sensor pulley's coating is turning back into crude
oil. I'm getting a bad feeling about this. Got xxdp up finally and this
drive just can't write at all. I think it is able to make a complete mess
on tapes, but it can't write right. This may be a tragedy....


On Tue, 27 Jul 1999, Jacob Ritorto wrote:

> It used to be so nice.
> But the dehumidifier hose got clogged while I was gone.
> The room filled with mildew.
> I came home and rushed to save my stuff, mostly successfully. The TU10
> was affected, though. I don't know for sure if the dampness was the
> cause, but I'm guessing it was. Here are the symptoms:
> under rt11 5.00, it won't init a tape. used to do this w/ no problem. rt
> returns "output error on mt0:" The tape spins and tries to init, but
> after going back and forth a number of times, it gives up. So the
> mechanism and control logic seems fine. I've tried different tapes and
> cleaned and degaussed the head. No change. Jiggled all the cards in the
> controller and device section to 'assure' a good connection. Nothing. I
> even tried using an old copy of ROLLIN, just to see if it'd do a backup,
> but it moved the reels and instantly gave a FATAL DEVICE ERROR on MT0.
> Unfortunately, my xxdp pack is thrashed (moldy), so until I can
> replace it, I'm stuck with trial and error here... help if you can,
> please!
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