BA213, uVAX 3900, and KQSFA questions

From: Megan <>
Date: Tue Jul 27 21:47:17 1999

>Then wide open space. :-) [meta question, presumably DEC had fill plates
>for the empty slots?]

If you mean the cover plates for the BA213, and not slot fillers, yes...

>When I boot the cpu does all of its diagnostics but it doesn't "see" the
>KFQSA. One of the drives blinks fault the other rattles around a bit and
>then blinks ready.

In my experience, the drives are really flakey... I've got a couple
which have been working one week, then after a power-down, they went
fault, never to work again...

> When I type SHOW DEV to the uvax prompt it show the ethernet and
> tape but NOT the KFQSA. Is that normal if the disks are not
> inited?

It can happen until such time as the KFQSA haas been set to respond to
addresses... there is a switch setting on the board which has to be set
a certain away to be able to program it with at least one address...
when it responds to one address, then the SET HOST command can be used.

> When I type Megan's command "SET HOST/MAINT/QSSP/SERVER 0"
> to access the internal controller on the KFQSA I get
> ?28 UNK SW

That's because it is /UQSSP, not /QSSP

but it may not work if the board hasn't been seup yet.

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