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Date: Wed Jul 28 01:58:04 1999

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I think there is a startup file that can be changed to stop the console
software running.
I've got a manual somewhere here that explains the install procedure.

> OK, that brings up a third question. Can a Quantum 540 hard drive turned
> into a RD52 on a VAXstation 2000 be used in a DEC Pro380? Or do you need
> to do some kind of funky formating on the Pro itself.

I have an identical vaxconsole/Pro380 that came with my Vax 8530.
It had a dud hard drive and I (eventually) managed to sub a common or garden
Seagate(?) (I think - will check) MFM drive. IIRC, I had to LLF it in a PC
before POS would format it.
Aside from that, it was no big problem.
I did try 2 or 3 "status unknown" MFM drives before I found one that would

> I'm thinking of
> setting up a Hard Drive with POS, and one with RT-11 when I can find the
> time.

Sounds like fun. Might have to try that myself in my copious free


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