More on DEC Pro 380

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Tue Jul 27 23:19:03 1999

Well, I got the console cable, monitor, and monitor cable tonite. I didn't
get the keyboard (thankfully) as he'd not found one.

Dug up a couple LK201's in storage, came home found a powercable (actually
unplugged a Sparc 2 to get the power), and turned it on. Booted nice and
smooth. Looks to be running some munged version of POS 3.2 with the VAX
Console software on top of it.

Now I've got a couple software related questions.

First is there a way to get out of the VAX Console software into something
resembleing POS? It doesn't look like it.

Second. How do I get it to boot off of a floppy? Opps, never mind. I
just booted off of my RT-11 floppy. The problem seems to be with the copy
I made a year or so ago to use, now I'm using the original and it boots
fine. COOL! Hmm, this might explain why I couldn't get the /73 to boot
off of that floppy.

OK, that brings up a third question. Can a Quantum 540 hard drive turned
into a RD52 on a VAXstation 2000 be used in a DEC Pro380? Or do you need
to do some kind of funky formating on the Pro itself. I'm thinking of
setting up a Hard Drive with POS, and one with RT-11 when I can find the

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