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Date: Wed Jul 28 11:29:06 1999

Switch bank:
S1-1 low ROM enable, OFF = disable lower 256 word 765000-765777
        In my YD version that is some of the boot devices, some tests
S1-2 ON=POWER UP REBOOT ENABLE, OFF=no boot on power up
         parallel to TP1; if OFF, only TP2 low (TP3=GND) will boot
S1-3 to S1-10 word address offset, boot address = 173000 + (S)<<1
          normally OFF

Boot process:
perform some tests, infinite loop when fail
print some register contents (console)
prompt for command (console)
   enter console emulator command (L adr, D data, E[xamine], S[tart]) or boot
     code (PR paper tape, DK RK05, ... )
if boot device: further tests, then boot from device

My doc is up to YD version only; the difference is different supported
devices, I believe.

John G. Zabolitzky
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