M9301 YF Info

From: Kevin McQuiggin <mcquiggi_at_sfu.ca>
Date: Wed Jul 28 19:44:40 1999

Hi John:


> Switch bank:
> S1-1 low ROM enable, OFF = disable lower 256 word 765000-765777
> In my YD version that is some of the boot devices, some tests
> S1-2 ON=POWER UP REBOOT ENABLE, OFF=no boot on power up
> parallel to TP1; if OFF, only TP2 low (TP3=GND) will boot
> S1-3 to S1-10 word address offset, boot address = 173000 + (S)<<1
> normally OFF
> Boot process:
> perform some tests, infinite loop when fail
> print some register contents (console)
> prompt for command (console)
> enter console emulator command (L adr, D data, E[xamine], S[tart]) or boot
> device
> code (PR paper tape, DK RK05, ... )
> if boot device: further tests, then boot from device
> My doc is up to YD version only; the difference is different supported
> devices, I believe.

I'm home now: here's what I've found:

On power up, I start the machine at 773000. On the console I see:

100000 177400 000000 1577776

I can then use L to load the address register, E to examine, D to deposit,
etc. Cool!

I tried several incarnations to get the machine to boot off of my attached



$DX 0

$DY (just in case)

$DK and $PT (just to see what happens)

and in all cases the machine hangs. More exactly, after $DX or $DK it
re-issues the $ prompt, while DX0 or DY0 or DK0 or even PT0 hangs.

I either have the syntax wrong, or the machine can't find my drive. It's
at the standard address, all jumpers on the RX01 controller at factory
settings for standard values.

Do you have more info on the boot process? Device codes, or more info on
the diagnostic routines? This may be a syntax error on my part.

If I toggle in an RX01 bootstrap, I get further than this, an error
message from the OS boot record.

Thansk for the info,


Kevin McQuiggin VE7ZD
Received on Wed Jul 28 1999 - 19:44:40 BST

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