Unholy smoke

From: Mike Ford <mikeford_at_netwiz.net>
Date: Wed Jul 28 13:01:18 1999

I bought a high quality 17 inch monitor at a great price last night, but
when I carried it in from my car it went no further than the garage. The
former owner is a smokestack and the monitor reeks of cigarette smoke
especially when its turned on. The monitor is also acting funny, ala smoke
bits in the wrong places, etc.

How should I clean this thing?

Disassembly down to the chassis I think is a given, then my first thought
is canned air, but I KNOW that won't be enough, this baby needs a bath. Is
it time for me to finally buy that $14 can of Blue Shower?

What should I not do?

Anybody using the citrus based Limonene products?
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