Unholy smoke

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> I bought a high quality 17 inch monitor at a great price last night, but
> when I carried it in from my car it went no further than the garage. The
> former owner is a smokestack and the monitor reeks of cigarette smoke
> especially when its turned on. The monitor is also acting funny, ala smoke
> bits in the wrong places, etc.
> How should I clean this thing?
> Disassembly down to the chassis I think is a given, then my first thought
> is canned air, but I KNOW that won't be enough, this baby needs a bath. Is
> it time for me to finally buy that $14 can of Blue Shower?
> What should I not do?

Taking it to bits is correct. Mind the tube bell! The dag coating
comes off if incorrect cleaner is used. Wipe it with very gentle
cleaner. Brush off and clean the yoke coils with swabs and
cleaner, don't attempt to remove that yoke. For circuit boards and
shell, bezel and plastic bits, strong cleaner yet safe on plastics in
low pressure sprayer followed by tap water then final rinse with
distilled water. Wipe clean all the user control buttons and knobs,
pots. PSU and CRT rear boards needs looking over for weak capacitors
and replace as needed, redo whole CRT rear board on solder joints and
resolder whole PSU, horizontal and vertical circuits.

That will take care totally of any lurking problems.

Cigarette stain/brown stuff is the worst of all I have to deal with.
Clean once, bulk of it comes up, clean again, reminder still comes up
then after 2 or 3 times later finally come clean and no smell.

Cleaning out ANY machines
of dirt, road dust, and/or cigarette smoke especially if everything
is sticky not easily blown out is VERY TEDIOUS work. For average
kind esp computer machines took me 8 hours each and tons of swabs,
copious Hethyl Hydrate (very effective on cigarette stains) and
Windex, paper towels, few pairs of surgical vinyl gloves. UGH!


PS: watch that sucker cup with thick red cable on side of tube bell.
Discharge it to ground strap that goes across the bell via 10W 1Meg

> Anybody using the citrus based Limonene products?

Very oily and needs to be mechanically cleaned not fun if doing on
circuit board and vent holes in shells by hand.

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