RF71 faulting

From: Chuck McManis <cmcmanis_at_freegate.com>
Date: Wed Jul 28 17:14:00 1999

Ok, a diagnostic puzzle.

I've got a uVAX with two RF71 DSSI disks in it, before I knew how to talk
to them properly I had netbooted NetBSD and saw that it reported both
RF71s. I tried to talk one of them and the fault light came on (did a
diskinfo kind of thing.)

At the time I figured it was just the lack of a terminator. Now I'm not so

The other RF71 (which still came up ready) has now been tested formatted
and mounted under netbsd indicating all is well with that part of the world.

So how can I figure out the fault on the other drive? Where to look? I'm
going to try playing around with the internal "DUP" stuff this after noon.

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