RF71 faulting

From: Chuck McManis <cmcmanis_at_mcmanis.com>
Date: Wed Jul 28 17:37:26 1999

Bad form to follow up your own posts I know. The mystery deepens.

It appears that the two RF71's were "wiped" before the system was sold. Its
possible that this forced them both back to an initialization step.

One possible scenario is that both were set to unit id 0, and so they fail
when they are both on the same bus trying to be unit 0.

Does anyone have a clear set of invariants that would be true if these
disks are installed at the hardware level properly.

This is what we have so far:
        1) Both disks connect to a KFQSA on a ribbon cable that
           is terminated.
        2) Their "management" ports are connected to a bulkhead
           on the BA213 that has three ID plugs, one labelled "1"
           and one labelled "0". (the third is blank)
        3) The KFQSA has switch 3 set, it shows up on a Qbus scan
           but not on a "SHOW DEV" scan. Its CSR is
        -200000DC (760334) = 0000 (300) RQDX3/KDA50/RRD50/RQC25/KFQSA-DISK
        4) Either drive plugged into the bulkhead at the unit 0 connector
           seems to work. But the other one is invisible.

At 03:14 PM 7/28/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Ok, a diagnostic puzzle.
>I've got a uVAX with two RF71 DSSI disks in it, before I knew how to talk
>to them properly I had netbooted NetBSD and saw that it reported both
>RF71s. I tried to talk one of them and the fault light came on (did a
>diskinfo kind of thing.)
>At the time I figured it was just the lack of a terminator. Now I'm not so
>The other RF71 (which still came up ready) has now been tested formatted
>and mounted under netbsd indicating all is well with that part of the world.
>So how can I figure out the fault on the other drive? Where to look? I'm
>going to try playing around with the internal "DUP" stuff this after noon.
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