xylogics smd interface for pdp11

From: Daniel T. Burrows <danburrows_at_mindspring.com>
Date: Wed Jul 28 16:41:26 1999

I have the manual and several of these controllers. It is actually a Model
650.It sounds like yours has the 655/656 ROMS in location L4 and K4 since it is
responding as a DM: (RK06/7). There is page after page of configuration tables
for jumper settings depending on what drive and RK to emulate.

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Date: Tuesday, July 27, 1999 11:19 PM
Subject: xylogics smd interface for pdp11

>Would someone please provide docs or setup info for the following
>scantily-marked unibus SMD controller:
>Xylogics #300-101-600 rev B L6
>doc. pkg. no. 300-101-902 Rev G serial no. 1103
>A few hand-written and typed labels are still attached to the socketed
>chips (presumably geometry/emulation codes):
>[handles forward, components up, edge connector facing you]
>along the left side, column of 8 big chips.
>4th down: " 766/BU4 "
>6th down: " 768/BU4 "
>six inches in from left; four inches down from handles, by itself
>: " -173E "
>slightly right of center; starting three inches down; column of four chips
>: " 242D "
>: " 245C "
>: " 244C "
>: " 243C "
>just below those, group of six chips, most missing their labels but top
>right is still there and reads : "799HC "
>That's all I can glean. Seems to show up as DM: under rt, but I don't
>know what size/shape of drive it expects or what partitioning it's willing
>to perform...
>BTW, Thanks John if you're lurking here somewhere...
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