Tek 4041

From: Joe <rigdonj_at_intellistar.net>
Date: Wed Jul 28 21:37:36 1999

At 11:02 PM 7/28/99 +0100, Tony wrote:
>I may be missing something (and I know nothing about the 4041)

   It's basicly the same as a HP 9915 except it has a few more keys and a
small (12 character?) LED display.

, but
>doesn't the HP150 have an IEEE-488 port (aka GPIB, HPIB) as standard.

  Yes, it does but the 150 uses the port to connect to peripherals
operating under MS-DOS. It has no commands that will let you send or
recieve specific strings over the HP-IB.

>Certainly the 150-II does. It's used to link up the HP's disk and tape
>drives, etc. But it's a real IEEE-488 interface that can do just about
>everything you'd expect.

  Yes, but it doesn't have support for instruments and such and you can't
get direct control over what's send over the bus.
>> I know that GP-IB controllers are considered kind of low life - but
>Are they? I find them rather useful....
>> for some reason I'm hooked on this one (could be the 68008?). Hell,
>> you know what? I'm afraid that old computers are going to be as
>> addicting as old analog synthesizers and Tektronix mainframe
>> o'scopes.
>Uh-Oh... _Another_ Tek 'scope person...
   Yeah, there goes the mailing list! :-)

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