Tek 4041

From: Roger Goswick <ccfsm_at_ipa.net>
Date: Wed Jul 28 20:57:49 1999

  The thing I really need is the diagnostics tape. The manual states
that you can use an RS-232 terminal for programming this thing - and
then goes on to explain how to make an autostart tape to tell the
4041 to use a serial port as the standard programming I/O port. And
of course I never meant anything ill about process control or the
IEEE-488 bus(HP-IB - GBIBP whatever), but I have noticed that a lot
of folks do seem to look down upon machines that they have (in their
minds anyway) abstracted down to nothing more that simple black
boxes. Learn everything their is to know about a Commodore C-64 or
even a Motorola D5 board and you have acquired more knowledge than
most windows programmers about what really is going on, think?

Roger Goswick


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At 11:02 PM 7/28/99 +0100, Tony wrote:
>I may be missing something (and I know nothing about the 4041)

   It's basicly the same as a HP 9915 except it has a few more keys
small (12 character?) LED display.

, but
>doesn't the HP150 have an IEEE-488 port (aka GPIB, HPIB) as

  Yes, it does but the 150 uses the port to connect to peripherals
operating under MS-DOS. It has no commands that will let you send or
recieve specific strings over the HP-IB.

>Certainly the 150-II does. It's used to link up the HP's disk and
>drives, etc. But it's a real IEEE-488 interface that can do just
>everything you'd expect.

  Yes, but it doesn't have support for instruments and such and you
get direct control over what's send over the bus.
>> I know that GP-IB controllers are considered kind of low life -
>Are they? I find them rather useful....
>> for some reason I'm hooked on this one (could be the 68008?).
>> you know what? I'm afraid that old computers are going to be as
>> addicting as old analog synthesizers and Tektronix mainframe
>> o'scopes.
>Uh-Oh... _Another_ Tek 'scope person...
   Yeah, there goes the mailing list! :-)

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