From: David Williams <dlw_at_trailingedge.com>
Date: Thu Jul 29 14:47:34 1999

That's something I was thinking about. I've been looking into
building a new system at home and checked into the ABIT BP6
motherboard. It's a dual Celeron board with 4 EIDE connectors
built in. Supports 4 UDMA-33 and 4 UDMA-33/66 devices at the
same time. IBM has a super fast 22 gig EIDE drive for $300 (boy
they are fast, we have some at work now). Load Linux on it and
have one heck of a cheap server. Currently I still keep copies of all
my old software on CDR, tape and disk. Just want to make sure.

On 29 Jul 99, at 9:20, Zane H. Healy wrote:

> Considering how amazingly cheap EIDE hard drives are getting, I'm
> thinking about building an archive server with some form of RAID using
> EIDE disks for my Home network at the moment. From what I hear there is
> an add-on board that will let you have a max of 8 EIDE hard drives on a
> PC, and apparently Maxtor now has 27.2Gb EIDE HD's that you can find for
> under $300. Since Linux supports kernel based RAID, it should be fairly
> easy to set up a simple disk mirroring system, on something cheap like a
> Celeron system. The hardest part might be finding a big enough case :^)

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