Unholy smoke

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> >>How should I clean this thing?
> I just thought of something I saw in a surplus joint. A antistatic brush I
> think was used to dust off film or something. Its a blower in a box with a
> air tube connected to a fine bristle brush. Might work?


Do all the motions of brushing off those brown fluff and wash with
windex or light hearted cleaning. The point is it still smells of
cigarette and still brown. That smell comes from often visiable and
invisiable coating of everything: outside caseing, inside caseing,
all boards, eveyrthing that air can reach is same idea for cigarette

I have a fan out of RT, after first cleaning, whoo it's clean like
new... twirled it and it smells faintly of it, oh rats! Grabbed
double handful of ear swabs and alcohol or methyl hydrate. Cleaned
everything to smallest details on that fan in pieces till I don't get
brown stains on the buds. Now it smells nothing.

Indeed windex do very little. Might need homemade cleaning solution
with stronger active cleaner in it.

When I'm shopping for used machines that smells and that user is
smoker, I tend to tell that I can't take it at that price
because of this smoke stain and smell and counter offer lower price.

PSU contents and CPU heatsink with fan on it are first to get plugged
up with those sticky brown stuff. Seriously impairs cooling. Bad


PS on related story, I wondered why my room stunk even I don't have
anything stinky therein. The source: 3' by 6" window sill that I
didn't clean often. At first glance it look nothing but that stuff
is *tons* when paper trowel came up with it and nearly
brownish-black. I like windows open and my parents smoke outside
near that bedroom window.
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