Unholy smoke

From: Mike Ford <mikeford_at_netwiz.net>
Date: Fri Jul 30 12:28:18 1999

>brownish-black. I like windows open and my parents smoke outside
>near that bedroom window.

When you don't smoke, and seriously avoid second hand smoke, your tolerance
for smoke smell gets very very low.

What I have noticed in the past is that the entry point of the smoke
catches a LOT of the stink, but the power supply is almost a filter trap. I
bought a pizza box mac (size of a large pizza box and about 3 inches high,
the 610 series box) that reeked. Stuck it in the garage and started working
on it, stinky work too.

I was afraid to really douse the motherboard, so I wiped it down with a
cloth dampened in window cleaner, then used an air duster on it. The floppy
drive and power supply though I took apart and flushed with contact
cleaner. After letting it dry a few days, then run for a week, the smell
isn't apparent unless the case is opened and you sniff the motherboard. I
can live with that.
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