Gooey rubber bits

From: Joe <>
Date: Mon Mar 1 10:04:19 1999


 It's not silicone, it's some type of polyurathane. Yes, they do turn to
goo. They can be fixed, I've fixed hundreds of them. But it's not as easy
as it sounds, there's a lot of specail techniques involved. You need six
hands just getting the HP 41 card reader back together again.


At 12:43 AM 3/2/99 +1100, you wrote:
>My understanding is that in the case of HP card readers, there is a small
>silicone roller/wheel, which oxidises. Can anyone confirm oxidised silicone
>is "gooey" :) ? In any case, the roller can be replaced by a piece of
>appropriateley sized nylon tubing cut to size. I just so happen to have
>about 1m length of this tubing, which I will happily share out pieces of to
>those in need, for the cost of postage.
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>> >Marvin wrote with respect to a HP85:
>> >
>> >>print each iteration of the program. The tape drive roller is gooey
>> >>although it is still round at this point :).
>> >
>> >I've often see rubber items on old printers and stuff go "gooey"
>> like this.
>> >Does anyone understand why this happens and whether it is reversible?
>> >Sometimes in 2 different examples of the same machine, one has
>> the problem
>> >and the other hasn't.
>> Hans,
>> I don't know what causes the "rubber" to turn gooy but I know
>> it's common
>> for the drive wheels in ALL of the HP tapes and mag card drives to turn
>> gooy with age. I took a HP 7912 tape drive apart last week and
>> the "rubber"
>> had liquified and actually dripped into the other parts of the tape drive
>> sort of like paint. The HP-85 belts are made of a different
>> material, they
>> don't turn gooy but just fall apart with age.
>> My $.02 worth,
>> Joe
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