vaxstation 3100 scsi cables

From: Seth J. Morabito <>
Date: Mon Mar 1 16:56:02 1999

> I just ordered an external SCSI cable for my VaxStation 3100 model 40 - which
> everyone said was terribly expensive due to it being a wierd connector.
> I ordered it from 1-800-digital and they want $58(us) + tax. For those
> with 3100 model 40s (it changes from model to model) the part number is
> 17-02-008-02.

I'd also like to point DECheads looking for cables to a place called
SeaCoast Digital, at They have some dirt-cheap
prices on DEC cables. I'm sure you -don't- want to hear this now, Jim,
but I've ordered the exact same cable through seadec myself, and it was
$28.00 (sorry!). They're a very good source for that kind of thing.
I can't vouch for their other parts, as I've not compared prices for
memory or option boards etc. But definitely check them out if you need

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