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From: Marvin <marvin_at_rain.org>
Date: Mon Mar 1 16:58:18 1999

Megan wrote:
> Also, if the person is so interested in money that the ONLY alternative
> is that they will dumpster it, I don't want to give them ANY business,
> other than to raid their dumpster...

And if you don't know who, where, or what they are dumpstering? I saw a
whole pile of 11/23, 11/34, and a lot more stuff I didn't recognize being
given and then thrown away. At that point, I stripped what DEC cards I could
for the gold on the circuit cards (true.) At that point, I had no idea that
people actually might be interested in that stuff. I don't think that is
what you are after. As the old saying goes, ignorance can be corrected.
BTW, I still have those cards someplace, so I didn't actually go through
with cutting the edge connectors off for the gold.

> Please keep postings about ebay off this pure list... go to where it
> is wanted... otherwise you are no better than any of the spammers
> we fight on a regular basis...

Megan, I highly disagree with your last statement. The ebay postings are
on-topic whether they are of interest to you personally or not. This is a
diverse group of people on this list, and for any one group to say that
anothers classic interest should be excluded from this list is not right.
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