M7546 - TK50 or TK70?

From: Chuck McManis <cmcmanis_at_mcmanis.com>
Date: Mon Mar 1 19:38:14 1999

At 05:23 PM 3/1/99 -0800, I wrote:
>M7546-00 Q-BUS TAPE CNTRL, DBL 8.5

OK, I've confirmed that it is a TK50 controller. So the uVax without the
tape drive had a TK50 at one point that was later removed. Well then it
looks like I'll keep my eye out for a TK50 and a mounting skid to restore
this puppy into its normal state.

Another observation is that the BA23 chassis has the connectors under the
control box for an RDxx drive but there doesn't seem to be a controller in
the uVax for them unless this controller was integrated into the CPU card
or something? Its darn difficult to see where the cables come from and go
to in the narrow tower, very unusual design it seems.

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