Group Buy Closed! Thanks for participating...

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Date: Mon Mar 1 21:17:19 1999


Okay, so this means I still owe you $6.12 for my share, right?


On Mon, 01 Mar 1999 19:02:25 -0800 Bruce Lane
<> writes:
> I would like to extend a warm 'thanks!' to all of you who
>participated in
>the Teledisk Pro group buy.
> We've sold all our available shares. Sydex said that we
>definitely had to
>limit it to 50 people, tops, and that we've now got.
> I would also like to thank our list moderator (cripes, I don't
>even know
>who it is nowadays...) for allowing me to coordinate this effort on
> Now the real work starts... getting the paperwork done! ;-)
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