Cursor newsletter

From: Philip Guerney <>
Date: Mon Mar 1 21:33:14 1999

On Mon, 1 Mar 1999, Cameron Kaiser wrote:

> Anyone heard of the old newsletter Cursor? Is there anyone out there
> with backissues that might be persuaded to photocopy a few?

If you mean the newsletter of the Commodore Computer Users Group (Qld)
then I can help. I was a member from 1984 until 1996 (President for a
couple of years around the time of the fall of Commodore which saw
membership fall from over 1000 to less than 100 in a few years).

Anyway, I have all issues over this period and a few of the earliest which
date from about 1982. So let me know which ones you want.

I was Librarian for the group for a few years also, and helped maintain a
large collection of newsletters from Commodore groups from all around the
world which we exchanged issues with. I always thought they were
fascinating, but hardly anyone borrowed them - just goes to show that I'm
a bit strange. I suspect that they have all gone now.

Phil Guerney
in Brisbane, Australia
Received on Mon Mar 01 1999 - 21:33:14 GMT

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