Nicolet rescue

From: Sellam Ismail <>
Date: Mon Mar 1 22:23:18 1999

On Mon, 1 Mar 1999, Jay West wrote:

> Had to rescue the Nicolet computer. Still not sure if I'm going to keep
> it...but at least it won't go to the scrap heap.

Well if you decide to pass it on please consider me first :)

> I've never seen core quite like this. Each core plane is 4 cards, about 4"
> by 4", with 1K on each card (4k per core module) - plus the standard
> xydriver and sense/inhibit. The four cards of the core assembly are joined
> by small pins/solder brides between the cards. Really large doughnuts :-)
> This machine is actually very clean inside, despite it's 1974 vintage.

Yes, I call it a core "sandwich". I've got photos of each card on my
Nicolet web site (still unfinished so no URL yet). The Nicolet computer
could have up to 12K of core, and I have the Expansion Chassis which
allows up to 24K more of memory (mine has 12K in the main CPU and 8K
installed in the expansion chassis).

> The back panel is unique, with most peripheral devices connecting via coax.
> There appears to be a home-brew mod to switch select tty (current loop) or
> RS232 and if RS232 either 300 or 2400 baud.

Actually, the peripherals connect into the two very wide bus slots on the
back; one is used to connect to the expansion chassis and ton mine the
other goes off to a Diablo 30 removable hard disk system. The coax
connectors go off to various subsystems that could be connected to the
CPU. For instance, my Nicolet computer is contained within a larger
desk-sized unit that includes an X-Y display (basically an oscilloscope),
flat bed plotter and fast fourier transform unit.

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