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From: Lawrence Walker <lwalker_at_mail.interlog.com>
Date: Mon Mar 1 23:35:07 1999

On 1 Mar 99 at 14:44, Doug wrote:

> I've already listed a few way ebay slants the advantage towards the
> seller.
> I'd like to think that part of the reason the ebay noise level is pretty
> low here is because we've already had this discussion, and the list you
> recommend has already been created. Those who haven't yet mastered the
> art of efficiently using ebay's search engine can listen to Marvin post
> his arbitrary list by sending a "subscribe ccauction" message to
> majordomo_at_nut.net.
> You're saying we're on a slipery slope, so why not slide all the way down?
> I'd guess there are a few thousand listings on ebay that might be
> interesting to one or more list members on any given day. It wouldn't be
> too hard for me to write a little application to give you a sense of the
> fire hose you're asking to be turned on :-)
> I don't want to hide ebay. They're at www.ebay.com. They have a very
> nice search engine and lots of good stuff. Please don't duplicate their
> site here.
> -- Doug
 OK, I just subscribed. Keep em coming Marvin et all.
Since I don't live in sillycone valley and don't have the time to spend
searching E-Pay, this evens the edge you've got on me. A wee bit.
Snicker, snicker, chortle,chortle.
 I guess this means that repair tips and other arcane computer knowledge
is destined to disappear from the net, since it's driving down the fees a
tech can charge. Sounds like Gates theology to me.
ciao larry
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