Parsys Ltd T9000 SuperCluster documentation & software

From: Ram Meenakshisundaram <>
Date: Tue Mar 2 08:35:33 1999

>For the T2/T4/T8 (original transputers), there's the :
>C004 crospoint switch
>C011 parallel bus -> link interface
>C012 ditto
>According to the databook, for the T9000 there's (at least) the :
>C100 Protocol converter (links T9000 links to T2/T4/T8 links)
>C104 packet routing switch (same sort of function as the C004)
>C101 parallel bus -> link interface
>Be warned, I've done quite a bit with the original transputers (both
>TRAMs and bare chips), but I've never seen a T9000.

I just found out that I have all the datasheets from Inmos! The IMSB103
is a DS-Link to Ethernet interface. I also got some more info on the T9000
I too have never seen a T9000 or worked with them, so I don't know too much
about them
either. I did work with T4 and T8 though.

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