Dayton Hamfest

From: Marvin <>
Date: Wed Mar 3 10:39:52 1999

Mike wrote:
> Hi Barry,
> I was thinking about attending the computershow in Dayton in a couple of
> weeks. You say that there is no flea market. Does that mean that
> (classiccomp) systems aren't sold there??? And can I get a general set of
> directions to the Hara..
> Maybe we can do a lunch between or drink after the festivities

Hi Mike, et al,

Right now, a friend of mine and I have hotel reservations for Thursday
through Saturday, and my current plans are to leave on Sunday. Who is
interested in getting together? Saturday during the day is tied up with ARDF
activities, and several of us who are trying to build up the US ARDF team
will be meeting tenatively Friday evening. Right now, I have most of Friday
planned to visit the flea market, and probably parts of Sunday also.

Dayton is getting closer!
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