IIc vs IIc+

From: Mike Ford <mikeford_at_netwiz.net>
Date: Thu Mar 4 03:29:55 1999

>At 09:59 AM 3/3/99 -0800, you wrote:
>>And I already have a ][c+.
>Okay, so what's a ][c+ (or //c+)? And how does one distinguish it from the
>normal, run-of-the-mill //c? (Preferably without having to open it up?)
>Are they worth picking up (//c or //c+) for trading fodder? Anyone need a

Everyone needs a IIc, but some don't know it yet. ;)

Basically a Apple IIe with all the trimmings in a nice small cheap package.
First time I saw one I knew I had to get it, and the feeling hasn't
changed. It is laptop sized, cute little handle in the back, works with a
TV or video monitor, and well its cute. It also seems durable like the
early II series given the samples I have seen that survived grade schools.

IIc plus
(mine has the word plus in nice script after the IIc on the case). The last
effort at the Apple II series (discontinued in 1993 or something?). I find
it the perfect compliment to the IIgs (which is faster etc. and has slots,
but isn't a cute little portable thing). Builtin power supply, and 3.5
instead of 5.25 inch internal floppy drive are the obvious differences
(along with the "plus" on the case). The IIc+ uses the smaller Din8
connectors like the IIgs, and will support 4 floppy drives (great little
copy station.).

Retail price information

Its weird, so sorry if this isn't much of an explaination. On eBay the IIc+
is the prized machine, and a nice complete system sells for $75. At
swapmeets the IIc gets grabbed up, especially complete systems which I have
seen "traders" buy for $40 and smile. Apparently this is something to do
with Kawai (Japanese appreciation of "cute" items), and the units are
shipped to Japan. I have had such traders offer to trade me straight across
a IIc+ for a IIc (w PS), and I bought my IIc+ for $10 while a trader was
haggling with the dealer for a $40 IIc system and ignoring the IIc+. Go

Retail fair prices:

IIc+ $35
IIc $11
IIc external power supply $10
IIc matching green monitor $12
IIc matching monitor stand $8
IIc LCD display $35
External drives vary from $5 to $12
Manuals, original software, and assesssories $25 to $50
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