Found today...

From: Lance Lyon <>
Date: Thu Mar 4 17:37:26 1999

Added the following to my growing collection today :

Commodore 1201 monochrome monitor ($2) works too.
Triumph Adler Alphatronic PC, came with monitor, cables by the
bucketload, manuals & 2 external 320k floppies.
This one cost $12. It powers up with Microsoft ROM Basic 5.1, but
apparently can also run CP/M, so will see what I can do with it.......
it originally had a system disk as well, but that no longer exists. If
you power on with no disk in the first drive, it won't work ......

What I didn't get : An old HEAVY Osbourne 8088 "portable" (sure - if
you've got a crane), they've put it aside for me - next week!.
An HP 85 - this one looks interesting, it has a full sized (88) key
keyboard, also a tiny 5" green monitor built in, as well, it has a built
in printer (dot matrix I *think*), that has a paper roll about 4" wide,
not sure exactly what this thing is, anyone know ? (this also is put
An IBM (no model number) two internal side-by-side black 3.5" floppies,
non-standard monitor connector, PS/2 style mouse & k/brd connectors,
small grey box, about the width of a normal keyboard, 5" high, about 12"
deep. On the rear "Manufactured by IBM Japan 1987" nothing else.

And the final one, at first sight it looked like two floppy drives in a
box, closer inspection showed that it was actually a PC of some
description, standard RS232 & Centronics port at rear, looks like a
normal 9 pin RGB connector & a k/brd connector that was 25 pins, 13 on
top, 12 on bottom. Only identification was "Made in South Australia by
Australian Typewriters, lisenced from Ohio Computers USA (c) 1980" They
want $20 which is a little hexy for something unknown, with no manuals,
or keyboard.

Oh, the TA is up for grabs (in Australia) if anyone wants it for my cost
price plus postage.


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