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From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Thu Mar 4 12:42:52 1999

> Triumph Adler Alphatronic PC, came with monitor, cables by the
> bucketload, manuals & 2 external 320k floppies.
> This one cost $12. It powers up with Microsoft ROM Basic 5.1, but
> apparently can also run CP/M, so will see what I can do with it.......
> it originally had a system disk as well, but that no longer exists. If
> you power on with no disk in the first drive, it won't work ......

I'm again impressed how far they have traveled - I always belived
the TA-PC was a very German, or at maximum European sold unit, but
Not I have seen not only some in the US including US OEM versions,
but they are also present in down under ...

> Oh, the TA is up for grabs (in Australia) if anyone wants it for my cost
> price plus postage.

Roger ?


Ich denke, also bin ich, also gut
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