Book Review: How to Build a Working Digital Computer

From: Steve Robertson <>
Date: Thu Mar 4 19:55:28 1999

Since we were on the subject of old computer books, I decided to stop by
the thrift store and dig a little deeper in their book shelves.

I found a book with the title "Switching Circuits And Logical Design" by
Samuel H. Caldwell. It's a first edition copyrighted 1958 and is in
*perfect* condition.

Apparently Dr. Caldwell was a major contributor to the development of
early computer systems at MIT. The book is approx 700 pages and is
extremely _heavy_ reading. DUH!

Most of the book deals with relay logic and theoretical mathematics
although there is some discussion of tubes (valves) and solid state

I also picked up a copy of:

AMSTRAD - Personal computer Word Processor -
Users Guide-CP/M Logo & Word Processor Manual

This is the spiral bound owners manual for that computer. It's about 200
pages and in very good condition.

Since I don't own an AMSTRAD, I'd be willing to part with it. I'll give
it to the first person that asks for it for the cost of postage. Please
don't ask unless you really need it 8^)

I also got 3 other off topic books and spent a grand total of $1.85

Steve Robertson <>
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