Books I just bought

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Fri Mar 5 00:39:08 1999

I saw an interesting title in a stack of used books, and ended up buying a
whole pile of them. I'm not sure what I will keep, so if interested email

Programming & Interfacing the 6502, with Experiments. De Jong, Sams
Programmers problem solver for the IBM PC, XT & AT. Jourdain. Brady
XView Programming manual 7. O'Reilly & assoc.
Starting Forth. Leo Brodie, Forth Inc. Prentice Hall
The MicroSoft Visual Basic Workshop. John Clark Craig. MS press
Microcomputer graphics and programming techniques. Katzan. VNR
80386 - A programming and design handbook. Brumm and Brumm. TPR
iAPX 86/88, 186/188 Users Manual Programmers reference. Intel Reward books.
Using Multimate. Kate Barnes. Que.
Microcomputer Troubleshooting. Heathkit/Zenith educational systems.

Thats it for now, I have more, but not the time to type.
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