From: Anthony Clifton - Wirehead <>
Date: Thu Mar 4 20:00:53 1999

I'm doing a small sealed bid auction on the following:

>Novation Cat Modem 490190-4
        - Acoustically Coupled 300 Baud Modem
        - Original manual
        - Serial Cable
        - Power Supple
        - Packed in the original box. The box has some wear but no
        pieces of the cardboard are missing and all box photos look
        very nice. I think the fact that it comes in the original
        box etc makes it more collectible than the $5 units you can
        find at hamfests.

>Condition: This is the original Novation Cat acoustically coupled
        300 baud modem. Specs are 0-300 Baud, Bell 103 compatibility,
        RS232C interface, does Answer (NOT auto-answer) and Originate,
        etc etc. Should add a bit of Wargames flavor to that S100
        system you've been restoring. I purchased it because the
        seller told me it was an Apple Cat. I've never tried it but
        there's not much that can go wrong with these units. Nonetheless,
        I cannot guarantee its condition.
>Auction Terms: This will be a sealed bid auction. Send your offers
> to me at They will be recorded
> and the highest bidder by Midnight March 8, 1999 will be sold
> the item. Everyone, who bid, will receive an email at that time
> them the high bid but not to whom it was sold. Shipping will
> be in addition to your bid and will be $7.50 in the continental
> United States. The minimum bid on this item is $5.00.
>Payment Terms: The successful bidder will send a check or money order
> for the winning bid amount plus $7.50 shipping to my address,
> which the winner will be provided. If payment is in the form
> of a money order, the item will be shipped immediately. If
> payment is in the form of a check, shipping will be delayed
> 3 days while the check clears.
Thanks. Again, I feel it's better to auction the stuff here than on Ebay since
the items are more likely to find homes with genuine collectors and not

Anthony Clifton - Wirehead
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