SMALL SEALED BID AUCTION - Novation AppleCat Modems

From: Anthony Clifton - Wirehead <>
Date: Thu Mar 4 20:51:38 1999

I'm doing a small sealed bid auction on the following:

>Novation Cat II Modem 490402
        - Direct Coupled 300 Baud Modem for Apple II series,
        also does 202 half duplex 1200 baud operation
        - Original manuals
        - Handset Connector but missing Phone Line Connector (easily
        - Plugs into Apple II slot
        - Original Com-Ware software disk
        - Packed in the original box. The box has a fair amount of
        wear with worn corners but all cardboard is present and all pictures
        and text are readable and viewable.

        ALSO with this package:

        - 2 spare Apple Cat IIs, not in boxes, at least one of which has been
        tested as working around 5 years ago
        - Several spare copies of the manuals
        - Spare original copies of the disks that came with them
        - Various Handset and Phone Line connectors

>Condition: This is the famous Apple Cat modem, able to dial 2600hz
        in a single bound, faster (with 202 half-duplex operation)
        than other modems of its time and capable of dialing all manner
        of fun tones, playing music over the phone line and even capable
        of emulating a human voice (with appropriate software available
        from Apple II archives). This unit is packed in the original
        box but has never been tested. The spare units were tested
        good 5 and 10 years ago respectively. I cannot guarantee their
        condition today but I would recommend you make a backup copy of the
        EPROMs and diskettes as soon as possible.
>Auction Terms: This will be a sealed bid auction. Send your offers
> to me at They will be recorded
> and the highest bidder by Midnight March 8, 1999 will be sold
> the item. I do reserve the right not to sell this item at my
>discretion. Everyone, who bids, will receive an email at that time
> them the high bid but not to whom it was sold. Shipping will
> be in addition to your bid and will be $10.00 in the continental
> United States. The minimum bid on this item is $25.00.
>Payment Terms: The successful bidder will send a check or money order
> for the winning bid amount plus $10.00 shipping to my address,
> which the winner will be provided. If payment is in the form
> of a money order, the item will be shipped immediately. If
> payment is in the form of a check, shipping will be delayed
> 5 days while the check clears.
Thanks. Again, I feel it's better to auction the stuff here than on Ebay since
the items are more likely to find homes with genuine collectors and not
"investors". This is a rare opportunity to own not one but *3* pieces of
computing and...uh...counter-culture computing history!

Anthony Clifton - Wirehead
Received on Thu Mar 04 1999 - 20:51:38 GMT

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