Reading old SCSI tapes

From: John Foust <>
Date: Thu Mar 4 21:15:24 1999

At 03:46 PM 3/4/99 -0800, Chuck McManis wrote:
>Sigh, I've had this problem as well and not found a decent solution for it.
>What Mark needs is a program that talks to the ASPI DLL to get access to
>the SCSI bus directly. Sure it can be done under Linux or any other UNIX
>like operating system on x86 hardware but when the tape drive is connected
>to a PC running windows and there is no opportunity to install a different
>OS, then this problem arises.

I've got Adaptec ASPI for DOS, and it has an API, and I've got a
few DOS programs that'll talk to it - freeware even. There's ASPI for
Windows, and there's a few more freeware that'll talk to it.
Some of them want the data to be 'tar', though. That's why I asked
him what sort of drive he had.

- John
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