IIc vs IIc+

From: Mike Ford <mikeford_at_netwiz.net>
Date: Thu Mar 4 23:38:40 1999

>On Thu, 4 Mar 1999, Mike Ford wrote:
>> IIc external power supply $10
>More like $5
>> IIc matching green monitor $12
>> IIc matching monitor stand $8
>$8 just for the monitor stand? Both together should only fetch $10.
>> IIc LCD display $35
>This is way out of touch. I've never seen a //c LCD display go on the net
>for under $200 (this includes newsgroups and not ebay so this is not an
>inflated price, not many of these were made). Of course if you're lucky
>you'll find one in a thrift store for $3.
>> Manuals, original software, and assesssories $25 to $50
>You mean a bundle right? $50 is pretty high for a bundle of software and
>manuals and had better include a whole lot of stuff (like a trunkload). A
>decent stack of manuals and software would only be half a grocery bag and
>should be $10 - $15 at the most.

First let me say there is no ONE price, thats a big reason eBay does so
much traffic, prices vary greatly in different geographic regions. They
vary just as much depending on buyer and seller too. I would no more pay
$10 for a IIc power supply than I would be willing to sell one for $5, but
I bought all that I have for less than $3, and sold all that I have sold
for $9 (but I sell at bargain prices ;)

Regarding stand and monitor, I am just noting what I see as a existing
price structure. The people who export IIc's pay $20 for a IIc and power
supply, and $40 when you include a monitor and stand. The stand seems
harder to find than the monitor too.

Regarding the LCD, next one I see I grab, but I bet a twenty does the trick.

Regarding the "bundle", no I mean including the basic set of manuals and
startup software, with maybe half a dozen more floppies which don't have to
be originals. More and more it seems collectors are willing to pay a solid
premium for completeness. Be reasonable, its a lot more work to get a
complete set of anything together, and it means you don't sell the first
items you accquire for maybe months while you hunt down the rest. Anyway, I
am just noting what people seem willing to pay.
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