Z3 builders?

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Date: Fri Mar 5 03:51:39 1999

In einer eMail vom 04.03.99 21:09:08, schreibt Dwight:

  If I was to build an electronic visual computer, I would
 use neon lights. All the logic functions can be done with
 these and the results are visual. NE2's can be bought in bulk
 for a few cents each.
  I built a relay combination lock once but I used relays
 and doides to cut down on the number of contacts needed.

You need SOME amplifier element; just logic alone would not do.
Neon lights for logic certainly would be possible, but neither convenient nor
reliable in my mind, since the difference between ignition voltage and burning
is not that big. Diodes are MUCH more convenient AND a lot less expensive
than Neon lights.
John G. Zabolitzky
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