Reading old SCSI tapes

From: Julian Richardson <>
Date: Fri Mar 5 04:12:45 1999

>> What Mark needs is a program that talks to the ASPI DLL to get access to
>> the SCSI bus directly. Sure it can be done under Linux or any other UNIX
>> like operating system on x86 hardware but when the tape drive is connected
>> to a PC running windows and there is no opportunity to install a different
>> OS, then this problem arises.

Hmm, well presumably a Linux bootdisk can be made that'll have dd on it
as well as a SCSI-based kernel and MSDOS filesystem drivers, that way no
OS needs to be installed and the tape data can be written to one of the
PC's hard disks...

of course, this assumes that dd is sufficient to read the tape (as
somebody pointed out), and that the PC is using a FAT-based filesystem
on its disks, not NTFS.


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