Mac IIci stuff

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Fri Mar 5 21:01:05 1999

Someone originally wrote:
> >Is there any demand for Mac IIci manuals and system disks? I may be able
> >to spread a few around. Also, hypercard manuals. Some still shrinkwrapped.
> >We have a pile of complete IIci systems that we don't know what to do
> >with, since they've been recently replaced by Quadras and translucent blue
> >towers. Any place that could make use of them and _not throw them away_?
> >We might donate a couple....

I'm looking for a cheap IIci to replace the one that broke while I was
borrowing it from my brother. One time I turned it on and no chime,
no Mac icon, happy or unhappy, but the video appears to be squirting
at least sync out.

It could be a donation, except that I haven't completed the paperwork
to incorporate my museum yet :-( I'm stuck on a name. Most of the
good names have been taken and I've always been bad at names.

Any suggestions for a non-profit museum name for a group that focuses on
DEC equipment (PDP-8 through VAX), 70's micros (6502, etc.) and 68000
machines (Amiga, older Mac, oddball machines like the Perkin-Elmer UNIX
workstation, etc.)? (As a side note, I'm poorly equipped in the older Intel
and Zilog department - the only working Z-80 machine I have is a full-sized
Gorf arcade game).

Back to the subject: I'm interested in a bare IIci if the price is right.


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