Z-80 Arcade Games

From: Marvin <marvin_at_rain.org>
Date: Fri Mar 5 21:36:01 1999

Ethan Dicks wrote:
> workstation, etc.)? (As a side note, I'm poorly equipped in the older Intel
> and Zilog department - the only working Z-80 machine I have is a full-sized
> Gorf arcade game).

We are probably a ways apart, but I have a Clay Champ that uses a Z-80 you
can have for the cost of shipping. Someone decided to put 110VAC to the
logic board ... and it complained :). IIRC, the parts are all standard TTL
except for the EPROM, and there is a "new" replacement EPROM with the unit.
Even should be a manual & Schematics!

Sold/traded off Destruction Derby a few weeks ago, Cheyenne is about to bite
the dust (I am trading off the board set and wiring for some neat old
computer stuff), and Space Zap is about to go on the market. I think I have
a buyer for a Star Trek conversion, and Pacific Novelties Thief is getting
close to the last game I am getting rid of.
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