The TI 34010

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Date: Sat Mar 6 18:53:59 1999


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> Subject: Re: The TI 34010
> Date: Saturday, March 06, 1999 3:48 PM
> > There are two basic types of multi processor processing, SIMD (Single
> > Instruction, Multiple Data) and MIMD (Multiple Instruction, Multiple

I guess there are three: SIMD, MIMD & shared memory, MIMD distributed
memory. (UMA & NUMA)

> No, transputers are certainly MIMD.
> A transputer chip contains a complete CPU, possibly an FPU, a small
> amount of RAM, and 4 high-speed serial links. You can actually ignore the

> links if you want to, and use it as a simple CPU (I can't think why you'd

> _want_ to do this, but you can)

We did it for a laser printer. The transputer was doing the
emulations,BitBlt,graphics, had the "big" memory & output shift register.
Got the program downloaded from a NEC V25, which controlled the centronics
& V24. Was very easy to develope, because:

1.) the transputer supported DRAM directly
2.) debugging was easy, because you could download the programs via link
3.) pin compatible versions with/without FPU (FPU was used only for
4.) Lots of application notes & support from INMOS at this time.
Just my .0002 cents

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