OT? Tek Scopes

From: Richard Erlacher <edick_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Sun Mar 7 00:06:42 1999

To be down around $125, they've got to be in really sorry shape. I've seen
junkers sold for that. The 465B might be lower in price than its older
cousin the 465(A) because it's reputed to trigger less accurately than the
(A) as a result of the compromises made in that model update. I've never
seen proof of this, however. The 465's I've seen seem to sell around $400.
 If they're in need of work, which would make them go cheaper, they don't
sell . . .


> From: Marvin <marvin_at_rain.org>
> To: Discussion re-collecting of classic computers
> Subject: Re: OT? Tek Scopes
> Date: Saturday, March 06, 1999 10:36 PM
> Zane H. Healy wrote:
> >
> > I don't suppose there were any books for a "Tek 465B" scope? I picked
> > up a few months ago at the last CP/M swap meet, but don't have any
> What are working 465s going for now? I have heard prices anywhere from
> to $400 without probes.
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