collectible digital cameras?

From: John Lawson <>
Date: Sun Mar 7 01:01:44 1999

On Sun, 7 Mar 1999, Tony Duell wrote:

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> > I have a very early CDD camera made (by MicroMint, Steve Ciarcia)
> > to work with the Apple ][.. it is 256 pixels and still has the
> Are you sure it's a CCD? If it's the unit I'm thinking of, it used an
> IS32 (?) 'Optic RAM'. That was a DRAM chip with a quartz lid. The time

  That might very well be it. I faintly remember something in the
doc set to that effect.. now that you mention it. I have found
Steve Ciarcia's webpage, and I'm thinking of dropping him a note to
see if there is anything else available for this device.

  Also.. it is nearly 11:00pm California time, Saturday. I have
just returned home with a full truckload of DEC field-engineering
test equipment from the PDP11 era. I have to sort thru it Sunday,
as it's raing (for a change) right now.

  While I'm semi-broadcasting, I have two items that might be
familiar to Herr Franke: Siemens 300 desktop card readers.. strill
connected for 230vac 50htz. One still had (blank) cards in the

  Some of the DEC stuff: A PRS01 tape reader, an external TU58, a
Qbus exerciser with two sets of paper-tape diagnostics... the
smallest TI Silent 700 I've ever seen, complete with fabric carrying
case, all accessories, and a 'modern' looking phone coupler... and a
bunch more things in boxes to look in.

  Yay!! More stuff!!! I need more stuff!! I can always sleep in
the truck......


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