From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Sun Mar 7 01:02:56 1999

Once about every three weeks a place in Huntington Beach Ca has an auction
of computers, its not what it once was, but it still is entertaining. Main
course today was 1150 old 486 computers along with 500 other lots. I didn't
buy any of the 486's (just 10 macs), but I did see and buy some interesting

Epson HX-20, circa 1983 portable computer with a microcassette for storage
and a builtin printer. This one has a expansion unit bolted to the side,
and a nice slim plastic case the whole thing fits into. It must have some
internal NiCads, but I haven't opened it up, and it didn't come with a AC
adapter (but 6 vdc isn't too tough). Looks extremely clean, including all
the rubber parts, like it spent much of the last 16 years in its case.
Skiwriter word processing software is builtin, so is basic, but the only
manual is for the former. Display is LCD 120x32, or 20 characters and 4
lines. Printer I suspect matches that. Almost forgot, one of its main
features are the ports, serial and full RS232 via 1/2 inch diameter round
connectors on the back.

Texas Instruments silent 700 terminal. Looks like a typewriter, with a
thermal printer and a acoustic coupler on the back. I toted one of these
around for a couple years in the earlier 80s with a pager, and I remember a
plastic suitcase, but this one is open.

A&J Micro Drive, date on the back is 12/6/85, this is some sort of tape
drive. The unit is small 1.5 x 3 x 5, runs on 4 internal AA batteries, and
has a cable with a DB25 shell and 6 pins in it. Tape sticks in the front,
slightly narrower than a audio cassette, and a lot thinner. Front reads
SYSTEM 100, A:, and a active/low battery light.

Things I didn't buy (and if somebodys wants requires quick action)

A pair of Digital LN03 laser printers

Xerox (I think) 645 S Memorywriter

Three boxes of circa 1988 full and half height drives, most with some sort
of card edge connection, others look very much SCSI.

Thats about it. Whew, bidding and BSing all day makes you tired. ;)
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