HP 7475A Plotter

From: Steve Robertson <steverob_at_hotoffice.com>
Date: Sun Mar 7 19:57:42 1999

> Mindy Fuchs wrote:

> DId you find a source for pens?

I been looking for inexpensive pens but, haven't found a source. They
are offered pretty often on Ebay but, don't seem to be a great bargain.
I also understand that Drafting Supply & Blueprint retailers carry them.

> Also, do you have any idea where I can get a plotter manual?

I'm still looking for a manuals for a 7550. They are more difficult to
find than the plotters.

> Also, any idea what cable is required.

I did some searching and found cabling info on HPs site. Sorry, I don't
remember the URL. If I stumble across it again, I'll let you know.

Steve Robertson <steverob_at_hotoffice.com>
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