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Date: Sun Mar 7 20:26:58 1999

> Thanks Sellam. That's precisely what I'm trying to do. I want the stuff
> to go to people who'll actually collect or use it. The auction lists and

What if he posted the item on eBay, but with a non-descript
title/meaningless like "old computer", with no explanatory text, and
then posted a brief message here, with a pointer to the eBay item?

The idea behind that is only a single message would ever appear for
any given item ... he wouldn't need to tell the losers who won (they
could check on eBay), and the mechanics are handled by eBay.

> >I don't think he's been excessive with his auctions either. So far it
> >seems to be one every week or so.

I agree, and have no problems with it. I'd prefer a classicmp
collector competing with me to having Alex Z competing :)

Stan Sieler
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