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From: John Lawson <>
Date: Sun Mar 7 21:22:19 1999

  Saturday evening I went to a friend's business who was subleasing
part of his shop to a gentleman doing 'surplus' here in Southern
California. The gentleman regretfully passed away suddenly around
New Years, leaving a lot of Stuff behind, which we are liquidating
for the man's estate and widow.

  So: here are some DEC/classiccmp related items, a few of which
might be of some interest to list-members. I bought these items as a
lot, and will indicate which are available to the Community. (*)

  Two Siemens System 300 desktop card readers, still set up for
230vac/50htz. *

  Some kind of DEC test box, in a large blue alum. case, marked only
model 93-07402, containing an RX02 disk and a printset; the disk is
marked DGSBA.A11 (S/X REC.) and the printsets are marked SX

  Three nice leather shipping cases containing RL01/2 disks:

   in one, three disks RLO1K
           DX-T502K-MC CZZLDK0 DLDP V2 RL1 DIAG Pkg 1
                                                      Pkg 2
                                                      Pkg 3

   in the second, 2 disks RL02K

   In the third, 2 disks RL02K
           BC-FI18S-DE 000MUB9526 VAX 8600/8650 CNSL W/DIAG
             (Both disks marked the same) *

  A PMK05 Unibus Exerciser w/doc and two paper tapes marked:
      MAINDEC-11-DZKUA-C-PB 6/3/76 nr Unibus Systems Exerciser Diag.
      MAINDEC-11-DZKUB-A-PB 3/24/76 nr Unibus Exerciser Module Diag.

  A Wilson Laboratories SX-530 Disk Memory Exerciser, set and cabled
for SMD devices (wooo-hooo!) With doc and adpaters, and a supplement
for FUJI units.

  A Pertech card-sized laminator with a hundred DIGITAL logo cards
and plastic carriers for them, waiting to be laminated.

 A Digital portable fiche reader w/two lenses (24x and 42x)

  A Massbus T.D.R. adapter for the PDP-10... hooks up to a
Tektronix 1502 Time Domain Reflectometer to diagnose Massbus
continuity and signal integrity. With docs and adapters. (No Tek
1502, though... damn!) Manual says: "TDR testing of Massbus I/O
bus, Memory BUs, and Channel Bus. *

  A VAX 8600/8650 Backplane Repair kit and manual marked "Backplane
Repair Seminar Manual" This kit is in a nice Halliburton case and
is full of all those wierd and wonderful tools, all made of
unobtanium. *

  A TU58 dual external drive with cables and M8043 and Pocket
Service Guide.

  A PRS01 portable paper tape reader with service docs, many cables,
and DLv11 card... geared for slow speed.

  A Digital-badged Termiflex handheld data display/entry device...
looks brand new... two lines of about 24 Alpha LEDs.

  A Fluke 8020 Dig Multimeter in a leather case w/Dec markings.

  A T.I. Silent 700/707 Very Tiny terminal... about the size of an
EPSON HX-10 or Radio Shack 100... in a well-worn heavy cloth
carrying case, complete with detached acoustic phone coupler, power
brick, and one unused roll of thermal paper.

  There is more DEC-related stuff still at the place, including maybe
6 or 7 temp/humidity circular chart recorders... more of the
Termiflex units.. about ten more suitcase-type testers and exerciser
boxes, and about a ton of non-list-realted test equipment I'm going
to sort thru in the next few weeks.

  Any interest.. please e-mail and I will forward further info.


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