Help, yet again...

From: Mike <>
Date: Sun Mar 7 21:06:51 1999

OK, here's a challenge that I hope one (or more) of you will rise too. I
found something I didn't even know existed. It's the Heathkit Memory I/O
Accessory ETA-3400. Woo Hoo!!! Its the expansion box for the 6800 based
ET-3400 Microprocessor Learning System (one of my favorite toys.) Now for
the good news, and too my dilema. It's still it kit form with all the
parts! ;))) I get to build it. I guess I'll need the assembly/op docs for
it. An external examination reveals rca jacks for 'tape input' and 'tape
output' and also a rs-232 port. I gotta get this thing up.... help!

And, with Sydex and other hp150 wares on import from Joe, the aformentioned
printer is available to anyone who wants it.

Also, last call on the mechanical adder, else it will go to eBay and make
me millionz iz tellz ya.

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